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Assessment plays a vital role in school education and is planned to get the best outcome. It facilitates learning- helps provide feedback to students on their learning progress; and also provides evidence for external stakeholders to judge a particular course of study, observe the learning that students obtain and so on. There are essentially two reasons why assessment of student is needed, firstly for improvement and secondly for accountability. Improvement, with its internal focus, provides an opportunity for the students to engage in self-reflection of the learning goals, gives information to students about the knowledge, skills, and other attributes they can expect to possess, after successfully completing the coursework and academic programs. Accountability, with its external focus, provides evidence of a systematized process of assessment of continuous improvement.

The assessment process at SAI International School includes various tests at the class level, projects within the class and houses as well as evaluation of each child’s work. All these are graded and assessed digitally through SAMS.

SAI Academic Management System (SAMS)

When it comes to assessing the growth of a child digitally, SAI International has its customised SAI Academic Management System (SAMS) which tracks the students’ academic records and automates the report card with MIS generation on the website. The software is programmed as per CBSE guidelines, to generate the required reports. Parents can log on to the school website to gain an insight into their wards performance through graphs and charts, as per the class or the section standards. SAMS is a framework that caters to a planned teaching-learning process, where the students have a say in fixing their own goals. These individual targeted goals are documented to inspire students and teachers to work collaterally towards achieving it. Teachers constantly keep motivating and providing proper hand-holding support to enable students to put in their best effort to get the desired result. Each student performance is tracked through SAMS, which sends the necessary reminder to individual students as per their level of performance.

This meticulous tracking through SAMS helps in giving information about a student’s present performance and also about his or her progress. It also helps in arresting any slip in the level of performance. This tracking is immensely important in case of adolescents, as any kind of discrepancy in performance alerts the teachers. Broadly speaking, academic performance is a good measure of the overall well-being of a student, hence keeping track of the same is highly essential.

Performance Mapping

The performance of all students’ section wise, subject wise gives a great reflection on the quality of the teaching-learning process. This helps to check the deviations in the teaching-learning performance by a teacher and also highlights the best performing teachers, whose classroom observation becomes an ideal case study to replicate.

Graphical Representation

The graphical interpretation and representation of data enables a faster study and gives a clearer position of the student and teacher performance. It is also used for making report cards. The online presentation of data enables us to share the same with parents and guardians of the students for better monitoring. The data is also shared with teachers, department wise, which helps in making the requisite strategies relating to the transaction of the curriculum in that particular subject. SAMS is the life line of the school, which keeps all the processes under check. The remedial actions are all based on actual data generated rather than on a random whim.

Knowledge Pooling

SAMS is also the process of knowledge pooling where all the questions that are asked in various subjects by the teachers are also documented in the soft form, along with their solutions. This acts as a knowledge repository which stays with the school, even when any teacher moves on from the school.

The School also offers Remediation classes for the children who need special guidance in academics during and after school hours.

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