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Digital technology and IT are effectively integrated in the curriculum at various levels, which gives the students ample opportunities to learn and explore. For students, technological education has provided an indescribable wealth of resources, information and knowledge. Since its inception, SAI International School has always focused on imparting education through ICT tools as it complements and enriches the learning process.

Digi Board – Each class has a well-equipped digi board and system.

Moodle – An open Source Software and a Learning Management System (LMS) which is packaged and designed for the users and is used in-house for internal communication of teachers and staff. Moodle is an online portal, a catalog for listing upcoming events, latest news, course categories, daily school activities, examination updates and the daily lesson plans. It also contains a bank of books, magazines, articles and various research materials which can be accessed with individual User ID and passwords provided by the school.

QS Net – It is a student and staff data base that provides an access to almost all verticals related to school, with an updated data. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package which connects non academic and academic reports of every child, QS Net gives a 360 degree view on the performance of any student. It provides live up-to date data on the status of a student, which is a great help to the parents and staff, for taking appropriate measures and decisions.

SAMS –This has been developed to track students’ academic records and to automate the generation of report cards based on the skills and ability of each student. The software is programmed to calculate the outputs as per the pre-designed formats of the schools. This system depicts a graphical representation of achievements and individual goal settings by children for themselves. It helps to monitor the growth of each child with reference to weekly, monthly, and summative assessments. By using this, the school follows a systematic procedure to determine the merit of students using standardized criteria. Parents can also access the report card and provide the much needed intervention.

E-Resources –Integrated Classroom (ICR) from NIIT and Extramarks is used by the school, to provide tools and resources for the teachers.

My Question Paper – A special application which generates Question papers or Test papers of the user’s choice at one click, My Question Paper uses a vast question bank of different difficulty levels with sections on objective, descriptive and comprehensive. Question Paper Generator user only has to specify the composition and structure of the question paper and the selected questions are available within 5 minutes, presented in the form of a well formatted, properly numbered, ready to print test paper in the desired format, along with an answer key & description sheet. The Question Paper Generator software can create test papers from one or more than one subject / unit / chapter / topic.

E-Book Shop – It is a one-stop destination e-store for all school requirements such as books, uniforms, school stationery etc. The school weaves together advanced quality, significant material and efficient service.

E-Payment – On-line payment facility through debit or credit cards and net banking facility are in place. Each and every payment made to the school, in the form of Tuition fees, Admission fees, Examination fees, etc is to be made through the e-payment facility. We believe in cashless transactions.

Cloud – A powerful yet simple storage and archiving service, the cloud can store data and information in multiple copies and can be made accessible across multiple locations.

Website and Social Media – We keep connected and share information with Parents, students and well-wishers through regularly updated Twitter, Facebook, an easy to navigate website, blogs and videos which are uploaded in YouTube.

Digital Career Counseling – Digital tools are infused in the classroom teaching to increase motivation, expedite learning and instill the IT culture among the students. Career counseling is done through an On-line portal by Naviance and BridgeU.


Bharat Ratna

Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam shares his wisdom with SAIoneers

Honourable Vice President

Shri Venkiah Naidu shares his vision on school education

Hon'ble Chief Minister Odisha

Shri Naveen Patnaik shares his vision on school education


Goutam Das

JEE Advanced 2021 (State Topper)- AIR - 115

Deepak Nanda

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 848

Adarsh Kumar Tarai

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 1409

N. Anuska

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 2039

Akash Ganeriwal

JEE Advanced 2021 - AIR - 2066

Gauri Shankar Swain

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 2672

Sudeep Ranjan Sahoo

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 4464

Sri Harsh Mishra

JEE Advanced 2021- AIR - 13000

Nekta N Swasti Sravan Mishra


Dhruv Singh Garcha

CLAT - AIR 258


JEE Advanced 2020 - AIR - 73


JEE Advanced 2020 - AIR - 301


JEE Advanced 2020 - AIR - 853


NEET AIR - 261


NEET AIR - 521


NEET AIR - 525


CLAT 2020 AIR - 50


CLAT 2020 AIR - 418


CLAT 2020 AIR - 491

Sayantan Dhar

State Topper JEE Advanced 2019 - AIR 51

Sibasis Nayak

99.9844% in JEE Mains 2019

Sameer Kumar Patro

State NEET Topper 2018

Adyasa Ananya Das

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

Soumya Shambhavi

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

Mugdha Mohapatra

NLSIU, Bengaluru. All India Rank 55 in CLAT

Krishnasis Dash


Soumydipta Satpathy


Siddharth Chinmay

All India Rank 100, IIT KANPUR

Sandeep Pattanayak

IIT, Kharagpur

Vivek Prasad Das

Regional Winner, RBI Quiz 2015

Akshat Praneet

Regional Champion, TCS IT WIZ 2015 & 2016

Chinmoy Mohanty

Runners-up, India Today News Wiz 2016

Suswet Sukumar Patra

Runners-up, India Today News Wiz 2016

Sampriti Panda

Winner Google code-in - 2017, Bronze Medal, International Olympiad in Informatics

Tanmaya Pani

NISER, Bhubaneswar

Harsh Agrawal

IIT-BHU, Varanasi

Pallavi Panigrahi

NLSIU, Bengaluru. All India Rank 2 in CLAT

Shreya Somani

ST. Xavier's College, Kolkata

Sonali Sharma

NLSIU, Bengaluru. All India Rank 53 in CLAT

Ishani Das

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

Abhay Kumar Nayak

St. Stephen's College, New Delhi

Risha Bagchi

Hans Raj College, New Delhi

Anushree Somani

Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi

Vishal Aditya Sahoo

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

Sunayana Sasmal

NLU, Jodhpur

Raghav Kothari

Kirorimal College, New Delhi

Vikram Aditya Sahoo

Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi

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