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by SAI Admin

01 August, 2016

“Khush rehna ek aadat hai; jisko hai, usko hai. Jisko nahi – woh kuch bhi kar le; wo khush nahi reh sakta”. SAI Model United Nations 2016 was not just about debates and deliberations but was something sort of a lifetime experience. The guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Akash Gautam, a well-known motivational speaker and corporate trainer.

Mr. Akash Gautam has been addressing students since a long time. He also mentioned about how he has been coming across many intellectual personalities, a category of people who do everything correct. According to him, we should live our life forward, but understand it backward. The session circled around what it takes to create ‘Lakshya’. He also stated that how the life of students till Class-VIII was very smooth-sailing, and how parents say to their kids “Ab tu bada ho gaya hai, samajdhar ho ja.” He then added that “samajdhar toh hum sab hai, sirf deewani jagane ki jarurat hai.”

He also quoted from the film 3 Idiots indirectly that “success ke piche maat bhago, kamyabi ke piche bhago. Success toh saala jhaak mar ke piche aayegi.” He mentioned about certain norms such as mobile phones, day dreaming, TV, relationships, over eating/under-eating, funny emotional issues that have put a handbrake in a student’s life. He too mentioned about the communication revolution that has been swayed away by things like smartphones, WhatsApp, Facebook, 3G, music/songs etc.

He quoted that “woh kaam hi kyun karna, jiski karne ki jarurat hi nahi hai” which was repeated quite numerous times in the session. He believes that there are people who have everything good in their life. Happy and energetic students who have learnt “How to concentrate” are super successful.

He then informed the students that what this session is all about that is to try and demolish a huge mountain of delusions that lies in front of us. He then explained the five magic tricks to ‘lakshya’. The first is to be high energy which means to save energy for useful things in life. He also mentioned some influential quotes such as “you’ll never be seen and heard, if you follow the scene and herd” and “you are bound to feel useless, if you use it less.” The summary that was drawn from this was that just do not allow the energy that belongs to you to slip into people’s traps. Rather use that energy to become awesome in life.

The second trick was to progressively keep on reducing the mithya. Habits prevent us from doing what we want to do. The summary that was drawn from this is that, it all boils down to ‘what you do between 7PM and 7AM. The third trick was to learn the art of conscious concentration. He gave the example of toppers of competitive exams who are people with keen concentration. The fourth trick was regulatory/commitment to self-discipline. Regularity is the biggest key. Never think if to study or not, just sit down and do it and make the supreme effort. He then asked the students to make the 3 hour study that they devote to studies to be counted and it must make a solid difference to their preparation. He urged the students to work with solid concentration. The fifth trick was to remain free spirited.