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Call Us Now


by SAI Admin

19 January, 2018

It all started that one fine day

A day that had been marked in my calendar for a while now

A day I knew would change everything, I just didn’t know how

The day I turned thirteen

I was officially a teen,

No longer was I a kid sitting on the side-lines as it had always been

No more restrictions, that in my mind was altogether out of the scene

I finally felt like I could do whatever I wanted, no more routines

But I was so wrong

Fantasy and reality are kept separate for reasons

Those dreams of happiness soon turned to fearful seasons

It’s the hormones, obviously not what I’ve chosen

It’s all their fault, it’s those stupid emotions

But no matter who or what I blamed, every day started leaving me a little bit frozen

An imaginary audience would weave through my thoughts

Make my decisions and aggravate my messes further into knots

I’d create these personal fables in my mind

Turning my uniqueness into isolation, I became blind

And mistakes in my life were all I could find

I am a teenager at the end of the day

But that’s just an excuse, that’s what the previous generations might say

I wished I could be someone else, that’s all I’d pray

But the voices in my head, they screamed for the truth and they just didn’t go away

So there were times I tried to be another,

Where I tried to be perfect in vain

Where I put up a wall and didn’t let my actions speak the words I wanted to say

For if they heard, they’d think I wasn’t sane

But deep in my city of refuge, bricks of hope would fall down again and again

Not knowing, that solitude and lies are not what life wants me to gain

This isn’t just my story

It belongs to countless others, just like me

I’m just the one trying to make you all see

Solving a problem requires you to know the problem, that’s how you set it free

We stare at mirrors at the tears run down

Whispering to ourselves that we cannot drown

Hoping we believe the smile we show instead of the frown

In the process, not realising how our ideals shut down

We’re afraid to take help when we know we need it

For we think about how the judgement will come bit by bit

And how by disheartening mockery we will be hit

Never knowing the benefits of the risk until we manage to take it

And how all these problems we could learn to omit

We laugh when people share their misery

Making them wish their names would already be written down in history

We add insults upon their existing injury

If only we’d realize, we could be the cause of their liberty

We’re not perfect and we’re not always okay

But each adolescent deserves to be happy, that’s what I’m here to say

And as we move on with life, I hope we all find our way.