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Into the Real World: Lessons Beyond the Classroom

by SAI Admin

10 August, 2023

"In the world of learning, stepping outside the box doesn't just broaden horizons; it extends the horizon itself."-Anonymous

On August 10, 2023, Class V SAIoneers embarked on an illuminating field trip to the Parle G Biscuit Factory. After an engaging start in the auditorium with an animated film and Parle G biscuits, they delved into the production and packaging areas. This immersive experience enriched their understanding by witnessing the intricacies of creating delectable treats.

The field trip yielded the following learning outcomes:

  1. Real-World Application: Students observed theoretical knowledge put into practice in a real manufacturing setting.
  2. Process Understanding: Witnessing the production and packaging processes enhanced comprehension of product creation.
  3. Hands-On Learning: Engaging with the factory environment provided tactile and sensory learning experiences.
  4. Concept Reinforcement: Visualizing the steps behind biscuit production reinforced classroom learning.
  5. Critical Observation: Students honed observational skills, recognizing the precision and attention to detail in production.
  6. Industry Insight: Exposure to a factory setting introduced them to the practical aspects of the food industry.
  7. Curiosity Nurturing: The experience sparked curiosity about manufacturing, fostering a desire for further exploration.
  8. Team Engagement: Interacting in a group setting encouraged collaborative learning and peer interaction.
  9. Appreciation for Production: Understanding the effort and resources involved in making biscuits led to increased appreciation for the final product.
  10. Practical Learning: Learning about methodologies used in biscuit-making added a practical dimension to textbook knowledge.

Photos from the Event