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by SAI Admin

15 December, 2021

“The downside of my celebrity is that I cannot go anywhere in the world without being recognized. It is not enough for me to wear dark sunglasses and a wig. The wheelchair gives me away.” ― Stephen Hawking

“Let’s talk about disability, inclusion and accessibility and lets embrace differences & celebrate diversity”, said Dr Sruti Mohapatra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Swabhiman. International Day of Person’s with Disability was observed at SAI International on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

The warm winter morning at SAI International School was graced by Dr Sruti Mohapatra, Executive Founder Swabhiman, State Disability Information and Resource Centre, Odisha as the keynote Speaker. The day was observed by SAI International School in association with Swabhiman.

While addressing the gathering Dr Sruti Mohapatra profoundly remembered Founder Chairman, late Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo and said, “Dr Sahoo not just started a School but has initiated a thought process to make the students of SAI International agents of change for an inclusive, accessible and diverse society leading world towards a sustainable planet”.

The day started with a welcome address by Principal Secondary SAI International School, Shri Prakash Sahoo emphasizing on creating a society that is inclusive empathetic and compassionate.

The day unfolded with the understanding of disability, busting the myths and presenting the facts, followed by a highly invigorating interactive session with stimulating activities with the students. Children also learnt some sign languages and shared their experiences. Students had an overwhelming experience by hearing out the specially abled children.

Speaking on the occasion Senior Principal Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, said,” Accessibility is not only an issue that applies only to people with disabilities – it is an issue that affects everybody. Disability of mind is worse than disability of body, therefore training the mind young with positivity will make the world a better place to live in, with diversity”.

Photos from the Event