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by SAI Admin

03 August, 2018

“Mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful creation of the human spirit.” – Stefan Banach

Mathematics is said to be the framework of all creations. It makes our life orderly and enables us to improve the power of reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving etc. It helps in developing clarity in thinking among students.

Mathematics Exhibition is an excellent way where students get a platform to present their understanding of the subject in a creative and unique way. It helps students to use their skills, talents and capabilities in choosing the best method to represent the things they have learnt. It also helps to boost their level of confidence.

An Inter-House Mathematics Exhibition was conducted for students of Class VI and VII on the topics, ‘Mathematics in Real Life’ and ‘Mathematics Around Us’. Students were asked to make a properly designed and painted self-made model, present a synopsis as per the given format and make a maximum of three charts per project. The assessment focussed on creativity, organisation and presentation, relevance of the project in real life and concept clarity and coordination of group members.

Students in groups of four to five each presented beautiful and innovative models which showcased the application of mathematics in various ways like magic spin, bar graph on air pollution, Pythagoras theorem, division machine etc. Students were encouraged to be creative and have a good organization and presentation of the exhibit. Every exhibit had relevance to real life and in the process of making the projects, students were able to realise and appreciate maths around them.

Photos from the Event