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by SAI Admin

12 June, 2020

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

The Summer Camp at SAI International has seen a tectonic shift in the way of teaching and learning. Earlier the Summer Camps were conducted physically in the School but COVID 19 showed us a new way of learning that is by staying home at the same time staying connected to the school for learning through the e-Summer Camp.
The eSummer Camp commenced on June 1, 2020 with a plethora of activities for all the students of SAI International. The activities of the summer camp were so divided that each class would nurture a skill needed for the children to be future ready. Starting from the ICT skills of Coding, Robotics, Animation, Video Editing, Photography. To strengthen the body and mind, Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba and Dance were introduced in the eSummer Camp. To hone their creativity, sessions on Mix-Media, Clay Modelling, Origami, Paper Collage, Art, Sculpture & Pot Painting were conducted to expand their creative horizons.

It was a stupendous kick off for the eSummer Camp of Classes IV and V on June 1, 2020. Class IV had a wonderful session on Pot Painting. Children of Class IV came up with beautifully coloured pots and also learnt the various Rasa of dramatics.
While the students of Class V interacted with a professional gymnastics trainer who made the students get involved in physical exercises which require balancing, strength, flexibility, agility and co-ordination of arms, shoulders, legs, back and abdominal muscles while explaining the types of gymnastic with perfect physical presentation. To make our SAIoneers future ready for the 21st century the Robotics session involved demonstration and modelling of a robotic car.

On the 2nd day of the eSummer Camp a Punjabi dance training session by the Guest trainer Ms. Revati Khattar who from all the way from Delhi engaged with the children online. Children even requested the trainer to upload her dance videos so that they can watch it and learn even after the camp gets over. Paper butterflies and flowers were made in the Origami Session on the 2nd day.
While in the eSession of Class V students enjoyed the story on colors and also used crayons during the session to illustrate the story. And also enjoyed the Rajasthani folk dance session where a few children were dressed up in Rajasthani lehengas too.

It was fun overloaded for the students of classes IV and V. The young SAIoneers of Class IV got trained to become master chefs by yet another SAIoneer Divyashish of Class XI. They prepared Poha, Paneer Chat and Rooh Afza with a twist and had it right there after displaying it. It was also a delight that children came up to showcase their 2 days creative works they had learnt from the teachers. They even learnt Sand Art and drew an elephant on paper covered it with glue and then sprinkled sand to stick it on paper.
Class V children learnt Clay Modelling with both hard and soft clay and made a beautiful wall hanging after painting it. They also had a dance session by our guest expert Revati Khatter on some peppy bollywood numbers which children enjoyed whole-heartedly

Session on Dramatics was held for class IV students where they were briefed on how to express various emotions. While in the second session Life Skill Coach Anuppma taught self discipline and discipline at home through a board activity. Class V did some Sand Art by drawing Ganesha on paper and sprinkling sand on glue to stick to the base. Another interactive session on puppetry was held which illustrated the types of puppets, how and when they are used.

Enthusiasm of the Classes IV and V SAIoneers are still high on the 5th day of the eSumme rCamp. A Clay Modelling session and a session on Table Etiquette was held for Class IV students. Children modelled a beautiful three with two birds sitting on its branches. And in the second session they learnt the types of meals, how to set up formal and informal table settings.
While the Class V students had a Fruit Salad session and also a Life Skill activity session on Team Work both at home and at School by Anuppma a life Skill Trainer.

SAIoneers of Class IV entered the world of puppetry on the 8th day of #eSummerCamp. Children learnt about the about various kinds and aspects of puppetry. They were also instructed about the do’s and don’ts of puppetry. Children enjoyed the puppet show and watched it with a lot of curiosity. In the 2nd session children learnt gymnastics. SAIoneers had an educational and energetic session.

In the writing session for Class V students, they learnt how to write a story and how stories are integrated into our culture and mythology. There was also a hygiene, health and skin care session for the SAIoneers and their parents by the expert Ms Lopamudra Pradhan. The interactive session was loved by both parents and the children where questions not only came from the children but also from parents.

Class IV at the eSummerCamp had a blast of expressions. In the drama session the resource person briefed upon how to portray various emotions while enacting a drama.
While in the Storytelling session the resource person narrated the story and based on the story children had to suggest a title for the same. The children suggested ‘An Oily Mess’ as the title. She also taught how to make finger puppets.
In the class V session the Gymnastic session Ms Karishma made the students to gymnastics on music. While in the storytelling session the children heard the ants story and discussed about teamwork, friendship and also did an activity on chart paper.

Class IV students at the eSummerCamp had a session on Robotics where they were guided on how to make a robot. The second session was held on Communications Skills where Ms Annu Ralli taught how to strengthen the communication skills.
The pottery session of Class V; children made colorful tribal paintings on pots using Orange, Yellow and Black. While in the Drama Session children learnt how to express themselves in various situations.

The little ones of Class IV moved to the tunes of Sauda khara khara a Punjabi Bhangra song. In the second session Ms Karishma taught various steps and postures of Gymnastics. Class V children had a session on Communication Skill by Ms Annu Ralli where the children learnt how to communicate with each other not just verbal but by using body language, expressions and eyes. It was an interesting session for the children where the children interacted a lot. The Session on dramatics was equally interesting for the children as the instructor asked the children to dress up as per the situation.

DAY 10
Stories fascinate children to the maximum it is the best way to inculcate good habits in them. A Hindi story telling session was held for children of Class IV, the story revolved around on ‘greed’, to make the story interesting the resource person used puppets and props. A Health and hygiene session was conducted by Ms Lopamudra Pradhan, the small children were trained on keeping themselves clean and follow hygienic ways of living.
Grade V students engaged themselves to make scientific toys using paper with optical illusion. The resource person Shri Auro Rashmi Mohanty adapted to each age group and created his activities accordingly. While in the Master Chef Session Custard Pudding was made using Rusk as base.

Children thoroughly enjoyed each session and participated whole heartedly.

Photos from the Event