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by SAI Admin

21 August, 2020

“Let’s not take our Independence for granted, let’s do our bit to make India a better place, legacy to live and legacy to die for.” – Anonymous

SAIoneers celebrated the 74th Independence Day of their motherland online with great zeal and patriotism.  The virtual celebration reflected the enthusiasm and positivity of the children even during this pandemic. From patriotic songs, to dance to instrumental music to speeches to mono acting, children showcased a gamut of activities that spoke volumes about their deep feeling for the nation.
Literary Week – A Precursor
A literary week was conducted, prior to the event wherein students showcased their creativity. The theme this year was, ‘Patriotism – the key to any Nation’s progress’. Students wrote poems, drew beautiful paintings, and wrote articles and stories as well as dairy entries. Dressed up as freedom fighters, our talented students spoke about the greatness of the leaders. Many of the SAIoneers delivered heart touching speeches on the legendary freedom fighters and on the effort they made to ensure the freedom of our country.
Video Presentation
The members of the Symphony Club prepared a brilliant video, singing the song, ‘Vande Matarm’. A team of thirty-seven enthused students along with the music mentors of SAI prepared the video, which showcased the vocal and instrumental talents of the students along with reflecting their patriotic feeling.
D-Day Celebration
On Saturday, August 15, 2020, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, Senior Principal, unfurled the National Flag in the campus, followed by singing the National anthem by a handful of Administrative Staff and Teachers.
Online Celebration
Students from Play Group to Class XII celebrated the day along with their teachers and classmates during their online class timing. They gave speeches; spoke about various freedom fighters as well as sang soulful patriotic songs. It was indeed a day to cherish.

Photos from the Event