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by SAI Admin

28 May, 2018

An in-house capacity building programme was conducted for teachers on Social Science Teaching and the topic was ‘Moral education in School is the need of the hour’.

The teachers were briefed about the need of value education as it creates good citizen, teaches life skills and counters temptations by building moral intelligence among others. It is also essential for developing democratic qualities such as dignity of the individual, social justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, etc. Moral growth is an ongoing process that spans the course of a student’s lifetime, but the habits and beliefs of moral intelligence instilled in them now will become the ethical foundation they will use forever. It is what will greatly decide their moral destinies and what will be our greatest legacy.

The trainers spoke about how value education can be incorporated in the curriculum, through classroom studies, during assemblies and other school activities. The trainers also outlined several approaches in teaching moral education like ‘Virtue of the month’ approach, where the entire school community gives particular attention to a quality such as cooperation, kindness etc. The participants also got an in-depth idea on character education and its various traits like Responsibility, Perseverance, Caring and Self-discipline as well as approaches to effective character education like Holistic approach and Smorgasbord approach. They were also briefed about the importance of moral education with the help of small video clippings to help students realise that whatever they do in this world has got a butterfly effect and an intangible value.

The objective of such training is to empower the teachers to enable them in shaping the character of students in a comprehensive manner. It also aims to aid teachers in creating a conducive environment, encompassing moral value system as an integral component of the teaching process as well as set greater moral standards in the teaching process.