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by SAI Admin

11 May, 2018

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” – James Humes

Communication is an art which when expressed efficiently has immense effect. It plays an active role in an individual life and shapes his or her personality. For a student, these skills can lead to a successful future.

How to hone good communication skills

  • In order to communicate effectively, one must have a great command over the language. It is also the most important prerequisites to excel in one’s academics as well as in future career. While communicating, try as much as possible to use words and phrases that others understand.
  • A good listener makes a good communicator. Since communication is a two-way process, it should be borne in mind that no communication is effective without careful listening.
  • Think and analyse before communicating something, even if you are upset over something or not in a proper frame of mind. Mindful listening and mindful speaking with the right choice of words is a habit that needs to be inculcated from childhood.
  • Participating in public speaking events encourages one to develop a variety of communication skills along with allowing the opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

Communication skills should be acquired during the growing up years. Many schools provide ample opportunities for students to effectively pickup these crucial skills. Activities like recitation, drama, debate and extempore are various ways which help a child not only to be a good speaker but also boosts his self-confidence and over all personality.

SAI International School maintains the perfect ethos for fostering a complete learning. Apart from academics, the school provides ample co-curricular activities to shape the all-round development of a child. It is the first school in the state to introduce the concept of an in-house radio station, which gives the students a brilliant platform to share their thoughts and views. The radio station called Radio Orange 99.9 helps students to enhance their communication skills and unleash their creativity.

Students are taught how to entertain audience through the magic of voice and content with spontaneity. They get to know the various techniques on mike placement, voice modulation, diction or clarity of speech etc. They are guided on how to select a topic, prepare an efficacious script, and train the voice to make it sound interesting so as to keep the audience engrossed as well as learn how to speak impromptu. The SAIoneers consider Radio Orange to be completely “of the students, for the students, by the students”. This platform which airs their thoughts and visions, has become a milestone in the education arena, thereby creating history in community radio services which is at par with the world.

SAI TV is one of the most exciting clubs that provides an excellent opportunity to the students from a young age to get exposure on the basics of film making and television production. Activities like panel discussion, anchoring, interviews, studio discussions, outdoor recordings etc., help students to gain an in-depth idea and a hands-on experience on different streams of media and communication. SAI TV emphasizes on the four Ps of movie making/ television production like Planning, Production, Programming and Publicity. A SAIoneer who is exposed to such a learning culture becomes a pro in Script writing, Scouting, Audio, video & lighting, Use of camera, Editing, Studio production, Digital cinematography, Producing and directing.