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by SAI Admin

10 March, 2016


I think the best thing about a mother is that she’s always a constant in our life. Some relations may be made and eventually broken, some relations may turn bitter over time, but not between a child and a mother. From the very first day we were born till the very last day, our mother’s attitude towards us will never change; she’ll always love us and she’ll never judge us no matter what we do.

There’s nothing, that can replace a mother in one’s life. We can always fall back on her at the worst of times; and she’ll always hold us no matter what we do. The world may not forgive us, but she will. The world may not believe in us, but she will. Her gentle caress is what makes us sleep even in the highest fever, her reassuring words confirm us that everything’s all right, her appreciative nod tells us that we did something right, the disapproving shake of her head  tells us to try harder.

She always knows exactly when to hold back and when to let us free and give the push one needs to achieve something. She always knows everything, no matter how hard we try to hide. She always knows when something’s wrong and is ready to help. She always knows when we’re happy and is prepared to celebrate. A mother is one of the only people in life who will sacrifice anything, expecting nothing in return.

Sometimes it may seem like she’s overprotective and a control freak, but what we need to understand is that she’s only trying to look out for us and wants the best for us. After all, she’s the one who’s worked the hardest for her child, she’s the one who believes in us the most, she’s the one who expects that we do better each time, she’s the one who loves us the most, she’s the one who’ll be happiest with our achievements and she’s the one who will be most disappointed and hurt if we fail. But even if we fail, we can always count on her to stay by our side through thick and thin.

We all have so much to thank our mothers for. Without her, we wouldn’t even be breathing right now, and that’s not something to be forgotten. We have to thank her for pushing us to be better, and loving and caring for us the way no one else does. We have to thank her for just being there for us anytime we need her; for just being who she is.

As for Mother’s Day, I really don’t understand that concept. It basically tells us that one day of each year, we’re supposed to celebrate for our mothers and make her feel special and loved. Then, for the rest of the year, we can ignore them and say or do anything we want, because we can make up for all of it on Mother’s Day, right?

I don’t think one day is enough especially after everything she’s gone through day by day just for us. In my opinion, I think we should celebrate Mother’s Day every day.

That doesn’t mean buying her an elaborate gift every day. Simple gestures like a quick hug and kiss before going to school, touching her feet to take blessings before starting anything important, helping her out with everyday things, talking to her and sharing our feelings, or just a genuine smile now and then will do the trick. I know these don’t seem like much, but they can go a long way. Try a simple hug and tell her “I love you”. Then see the smile that will light up her face. It will make us hate ourself for every time we hurt her or made her cry.

Celebrate for our mothers every single day. Apologize for all the times that we’ve hurt her. The brutal truth be told, one day she won’t be here anymore, and at that time, the last memory we would want to have of her would be of her smiling because of something we did, and not of her crying because of our harsh behavior. Understand that she always wants the best for us and will never try to hurt us. Love her; make her feel special. Cherish her every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day, because she deserves it.