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Hon'ble Governor of Odisha, Professor Ganeshi Lalji Inaugurates the ‘Galaxy of Stars’

by SAI Admin

02 June, 2022

“The purpose of science is not down-scaling everything to physical level and measure, but to penetrate deeper into the realm beyond the sensory perceptions and bring more in-depth knowledge and wisdom to the world.” ― Amit Ray

SAI International celebrated the life of the Education Revolutionist, Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder-Chairman SAI International Education Group on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at the inauguration of the ‘Galaxy of Stars’ by Hon'ble Governor of Odisha, Professor Ganeshi Lalji.

Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo was always fascinated by the scientific know-hows of things. He envisioned providing an ideal & open platform for school children to connect themselves to the world of science & technology. He encouraged the inherent curiosity of children & wanted his SAIoneers to be able to share their ideas, discuss and deliberate amidst like-minded people & get an opportunity to share their views on latest happenings in the field of science, technology & design. He firmly believed that a sense of inquisitiveness among young students enhances the potential of scientific and technological possibilities and lay the foundation on the basics of scientific knowledge. He aspired for all his SAIoneers to be critical thinkers.

The ‘Galaxy of Stars’, the brainchild of Late Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo is a promising endeavour to foster scientific temperament, curiosity and critical thinking in the children of SAI International. It is a centre for sharing knowledge on space and research. It will be a platform to learn about planets, constellation, and the universe. This centre will organize various educational activities to cultivate a spirit of scientific enquiry and creativity among the students. At “Galaxy of Stars” it's our mission to nurture child's curiosity introducing scientific concepts to the students through astronomy. 

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group welcomed the esteemed guest in her opening speech, acknowledged the presence of the students & parents who gathered to witness this historic moment & thanked the Hon’ble Governor for always encouraging such intriguing projects undertaken by the school in the past. The SAIoneers seemed quite amused with this new venture. Addressing the students and parents present in the auditorium, Prof. Ganeshi Lalji said, “SAI is an institution of awakening, serenity & simplicity.” He expressed that the students should continue to innovate irrespective of all adversities and how the sparkle of curiosity in a kid’s eye should never cease to exist, for, these kids will open up numerous avenues by innovation, for building a better India, eventually making the world a better place with infinite possibilities of growth & prosperity. He stressed on ‘unity in diversity’ being one of the prominent learnings at school that shapes children from their early years. He concluded by saying that the objective of education is to pull heaven onto earth.

The day also featured another highlight where the renewed official website of SAI International Education Group and SAI International School was also inaugurated by Hon’ble Governor of Odisha, Prof. Ganeshi Lalji. No better day other than this auspicious one to unveil new projects.

Photos from the Event