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by SAI Admin

19 April, 2018

What would you call home?

They say it’s a safe haven

A place filled with memories of laughter

A shell of confidence, love and hope

A place to express those caged emotions

But that’s not home for some, never was

For some, it holds secrets darker than the night sky

It holds a constant fear of rejection, betrayal

It holds danger in every step taken

It’s not home for the girl hiding in her closet

As she awaits the arrival of a drunk stranger

A stranger she calls dad,

It’s not for the boy wanting to run away

As he watches his parents fight

And give up on the family they once were

It’s not for the wife staying up at night

Praying with tears, convincing herself

That the man she loves isn’t capable of adultery

It’s not home as he pulls into the driveway

Only to be showered with unending complaints

Rather than the harmony they lived in

All these people out there

For them I whisper a silent prayer

Hoping that one day,

Their homes might shine a bit brighter

That their homes might be worth going back to.