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by SAI Admin

25 April, 2020

“To be really happy and really safe, one ought to have at least two or three hobbies, and they must all be real.” – Winston Churchill

Hobbies play a significant role in a person’s life, as it is something that rejuvenates one’s inner self, brings joy and provides opportunities to explore one’s interest and abilities. These activities enhances one’s overall personality, creativity and self-confidence, simultaneously provides exposure to new activities.

Children are now confined to their own homes, with the schools being closed and the playground out-of-bounds. Children need an apt platform to channelize their energy in a proper manner through activities like dance, drama, music, art, creative writing, sports and many more, that interests them.

Keeping in focus the present condition, SAI International has been inspiring the students and providing them avenues, to keep themselves de-stressed and healthy by pursuing their hobbies and interests.

The Online hobby classes for students was initiated for the students from Kindergarten to Class XII, which is spread across the week. For the younger students, classes are being held on art, music and dance and for the senior students it is held on art, music, dance, drama, debate, creative writing, SAI TV and musical instrument.

In this crucial time of COVID 19 pandemic, SAI International is taking every single step to stay connected with each of the SAIoneers. Out whole-hearted effort is to be with our students and their family, and together translate this difficult phase into building interests, strengthening skills, whereby relieving stress and anxieties.

Photos from the Event