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by SAI Admin

24 February, 2018

Everyone has a role model in their life. They are people you look upto in your life. It is someone you admire and adore. They inspire you and the decisions you make. They act as the ‘guiding light’ in our life.

I have always enjoyed History as a subject because of the wide array of fascinating characters that it presents. It is not surprising, therefore, that I should choose my role model from the golden pages of the glorious past. His name is Henry Vivian Louis Derozio. He was an Indian poet and assistant headmaster at Hindu College, Kolkata. He was a radical thinker, openly rebellious in temperament and staunch patriot. In the brief span of his life, he made a mark as a poet, teacher, social reformer and a journalist. Blind belief and superstition which plagued the Indian community then were anathema to him, and he stressed upon being rational and having an objective outlook towards life.

He was passionate and taught beyond the prescribed syllabus and took interest in interaction with the students. Writing about students, he said,

‘Expanding like the petals of young flowers,

I watch the gentle opening of your minds’

He was one of the first Indian educators to disseminate Western learning and science among the young men of our country.

To me, Derozio stands for living life one hundred percent, with honesty, integrity, honour and commitment. He refused to compromise on the core issues of his life. It is this fortitude that attracts me. I hope millions of people are inspired by his glorious legacy.