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by SAI Admin

24 April, 2020

“Most of my important lessons about life have come from recognising how others from a different culture view things.” – Edgar H. Sehein

Internationalism is a core component of the SAI International curriculum. Since inception, the School has been actively working with various partner schools from across the globe on similar interests, issues to promote understanding and respect for each other’s culture and nurture students towards becoming global citizens.

Our effort for the same continues even during this period of lockdown. The members of the Going Global Club right from Class VI to XII, are having various virtual meeting with students and teachers from our Round Square Partner Schools.

Earlier a meeting was held on Thursday April 16, 2020 with the students and teacher of Jr & Sr High School of Kogakuin University, Tokyo Japan, where discussion centred on steps taken in each other’s country to combat COVID 19. From making No Stitch Mask to discussing on the global impact of the pandemic to sharing each other’s concern in such unusual circumstances.

In continuation to it, another meeting was held by the Going Global Club members from Class IX to XII, with the partner school on Thursday, April 23, 2020. The conversation started with a recap and update of last week’s talk on the effects of COVID 19 on the daily lives of people in Japan and India. The Japanese students again expressed that their government was still trying to place a lockdown requesting people to stay inside their homes but with little effect as it is against the law to force them. SAI students expressed that they are proud of the way that their state government was handling the situation and even though they are using force it is the only way that people will stay inside and prevent the spread of the disease.

The discussion also went on about the Japanese and Indian cuisine, specifically curries. The Japanese students spoke about a few of their favourite foods and beverages including Miso Soup, Japanese Pancake and Green Tea. SAI Students were amazed to hear that the paste used in Miso Soup is made from a plant called Dashi that must ferment for a year before it is made into a paste. They also spoke about a Golden Curry that is made in Japan that is very different from the way curry is made in India and looked similar to a type of Chicken Stew and it was served with rice. SAI Students discussed the intricate and bountiful types of spices used in Indian dishes and they presented a recipes for Butter Chicken and Chole.

There were many questions asked from both sides including who does most of the cooking and grocery shopping in their respective home and how long does it take to prepare Butter Chicken? Miso Soup was also discussed in detail and our SAIoneers found it interesting that it contains seaweed.

The weekly meeting on various topics continues……….

Photos from the Event