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by SAI Admin

21 May, 2021

“No matter what happens, travel gives you a story to tell”. -Jewish Proverb

SAI International School had this week’s Your Turn Meeting on May 14, 2021 with Jr & Sr High School of Kogakuin University Tokyo. The Going Club’s Your Turn Meeting was all about ‘Dream Vacations’ for students to deliberate upon. Each School formed a team and designed a two- week vacation to anywhere in the world. The enthusiastic students presented about places to visit, cuisines that they would like to eat, what activities they would do, and how they would travel from place to place. SAI students planned a mini European Vacation and destinations included Madrid, Paris, Rome, Amalfi, Prague, and finally London. The students from Japan planned a two-week vacation in Japan. and spoke about Japanese Castles, Beautiful Shrines, Tokyo Tower, Universal Studios, Disneyland, Hiroshima Peace Memorial and an Island filled with bunnies. The vibrant pictures shown by both schools actually felt like you were on that vacation. It was a wonderful escape from the everyday COVID situation. We learnt that the condition is bad in both Countries, and reminded each other to stay safe, wash our hands and always step out in style with a mask. 

After the presentation the floor was opened for discussion several questions were asked and students could interact freely. Students discussed about the health benefits from taking a vacation. Many were of the opinion that taking a vacation as a family helps the family to bond more. Their doubts resulted in several questions, that included How often should a person or family take a vacation? Do you think traveling makes you smarter? Vacations expand a person’s social awareness and travelling helps people become more adaptable? 

In the rat race that we all function in, there is hardly a moment of relaxation. Life had become a series of mechanical and sequential processes, that started from the moment one gets up until one retires for the night. So it was imperative that family pulls away from the routine and makes time for a holiday from time to time. Moreover, a holiday away from the normal routine ensures the perfect setting for a relaxing time and developing camaraderie within the family.

The best part one tends to make memories of a lifetime, that brings back the same happiness of the experience each time you reflect on it. In the current global COVID situation, vacations are out of reach, yet the students relived the memories of the past vacations that they had enjoyed with their families. It was heartwarming to witness students from both schools spoke about the importance of experiences and memories. The Japanese students shared a famous word in Japanese ‘Ichigoichie’ which means ‘you only live once’ which became the motto of the evening. If you live life only once then you better make as many memories as you can and always pick experiences over things everytime. 

Real learning happens not only in the pages of books but out in the wilderness of the world. Travel and holidays are of course time for fun for the entire family but also an immersive learning experience for children. 

Photos from the Event