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by SAI Admin

10 April, 2016


“Either be the best or different from the rest”. These words have been embedded in my mind since the day I first set foot in this school and believing in them has really brought out the best in me. I’m here to tell you why SAI International School holds a very special place in my heart. I would not be where I am today without the constant guidance of this school. It has shaped and groomed me and shown me who I really am.

I am reminded of the first day when had come to school. I was a little girl with no idea about the world, SAI International made me realize, not only how big it is, but also how to thrive in it. It taught me that it is not only talent that is required to get far in life, but also hard work and effort, and that if we put them both to use, the rewards are great. One very important thing that I’ve learnt in school is to value people and the dignity of labour. From my experiences here, I’ve become humbler and, honestly, quite wiser.

One of the best things about this school is it’s uniqueness. Over here, education isn’t the only thing given importance to. This is a school that pays attention to a child’s 360° development, which means a whole lot of extra-curricular activities and most importantly parent involvement. And that doesn’t simply mean regular sports, music and yoga. It includes a whole lot of other amazing things like horse-riding, army obstacles courses, swimming – stuff that I’d have never pictured myself learning. I honestly don’t know where else one could get this kind of opportunity in a school.

The school has helped me become independent and outgoing, thanks to its leadership camps and different clubs activities. The hands-on projects and contests we take part in, really encourage us to be self-dependent and to learn and experiment with things. This is a necessary value that needs to be instilled in children. This school is one of the few places you’ll find self-reliance and honesty to DIY being taught at their best.

A big lesson I’ve learnt from being here, is that no matter how far one may go in life, they should never forget where home is; they should always stay true to their roots. We are taken on so many field trips to places that showcase Odisha’s heritage, and we also witness quite a lot of cultural programs here in the school itself. All this teaches us a lot about the culture and tradition of Odisha. I am not ashamed to say that I am a proud Odia. And for this, I have SAI International to thank.

Even the chidings and scolding I’ve received are valuable to me. This may sound absurd but it’s true. At that moment, I may have felt angered or sad and upset. But when I look back on them now, they have actually helped me out in the long run. And this is why; it’s not only the school system that is brilliant, but the teachers too.

One thing that I have come to deeply respect and admire about my teachers is that they are here, not only to teach us what is written in our books, but to teach us how to become good people in life. They don’t simply care about completing the course, they are also concerned about our wellbeing and growth and they take care of us really well, even if it means sometimes putting themselves in trouble, and due to this, I have to salute them. And don’t you think we should also salute the effort put in by all the aunties and uncles work so hard to make us feel comfortable?

All of us spend hours criticizing the things we dislike about this place, but we never talk about the millions of reasons we have to adore it. Where else would you find a school this big and beautiful? With such respectable and helpful teachers? Which gives off such a friendly and safe environment, where one need not be afraid of being judged for being who one is?

SAI International teaches us how to be a Somebody, with a capital S, in this big, wide world. I’m so proud of the fact that I am a SAIoneer, because the things I’ve seen and done here are absolutely sublime. I don’t think anyone ever takes the time to stop and reflect on what this school has done for them. Although we should. We really should. Because I’m pretty sure I would in no way be who I am right now without the help of this school.

I promise you that none of what I have said is clichéd or repetitive. All this is what I’ve actually gathered from my experience in the school and I cannot express how grateful I am to this institution for giving me so much to hold on to and remember, not only in the near future but for decades to come. I hope everybody else also feels the same attachment to SAI International as I do and will carry similar memories with them, now and later in life.

Thank you SAI International School for just being so wonderful.