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by SAI Admin

05 April, 2019

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi

SAI International School has completed ten glorious years of its existence. The journey fills us with a sense of pride as we witnessed the bountiful achievements on its way towards success. The school has made a niche for itself in the National K-12 educational arena, for bringing in a dynamic change in the field of education and being an enabler in improving the quality of school education.

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, the School stepped into its 11th year of existence with glory and pride. On the Foundation Day, Chairman Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo delivered a heartfelt speech to the students.

He shared his Vision for the School and said that ‘our endeavour now is to be a global brand in the next decade’. He asked the SAIoneers to learn and adapt the 21st century skills so as to equip themselves for a better future. He also spoke about Artificial Intelligence and its significant impact in the near future.

Taking about the importance of Indian values, Dr. Sahoo reiterated the importance of the three golden words, Thank You, Please and Sorry and advised the students never to forget their own roots.  He said, when one touches the feet of one’s parents or any elders, one should do that with all their heart and not just for display. He asked the students to stand tall in the crowd with their conduct and behaviour, aided by talent.

Dr. Sahoo advised the students to assimilate the knowledge in a proper manner and internalize the learnings so as to strengthen their own inner self. He encouraged them to pursue their mission and objectives of life and not get deterred by the various diversions and challenges.

He also stressed on the importance of faith, trust and hope and added that Faith is an expression of hope for something better, trust is the basis around which all human relationship revolve, and hope leads one towards the goal.

The School has come a long way in a very short span of time. The SAIoneers have made a mark in all corners of the world, paving their own path of success. This rousing output provides us with a great thrust to traverse newer roads while simultaneously strengthening the ones traversed. Armed with a tenacious resolve, we aim for many more significant achievements in the coming days to augment the qualitative factor in school education and help Build a Better India through Education.

Photos from the Event