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by SAI Admin

05 April, 2021

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development. –  Kofi Annan

On the occasion of the 13th Foundation Day of SAI International School,  Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo Founder, SAI International Group, addressed the students , parents, teachers and staff on Sunday, April 4, 2021, on virtual platform. He expressed his gratitude to each one in the assemblage for their invaluable contribution towards the success of SAI International School. In his heartfelt speech he reflected on the strengths and achievements of the school to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to revolutionize education in the state, nationally and globally too. Today we have emerged successful in creating a learning transformation centre for our students and SAIoneers have made a mark in all corners of the world, paving their own path of success. 

The Year gone by can be called as a year of great Learning and Innovation we witnessed the world’s worst catastrophe` which enabled us to think out of the box for the cause of learning. As we reflect back the Year 2020 the whole world went on a standstill and education of the students looked uncertain for many. March 13, 2020 the Nation-wide lockdown was announced, but we, at SAI International, did not allow the lockdown to affect us. SAI International went virtual from the meetings, to the classes and continued uninterrupted learning, with the online classes and since then we have graduated with every single innovation, we did in digitalizing the teaching and learning process. We believe with every threat comes in an opportunity to grow and SAI Home School is a leap towards a newer, better and digital future. Huge challenges came with COVID and left us with great lessons to rethink, re-align and stand up to face a global crisis with confidence to combat to resolve it with correct solutions. Adapting to the New Normal SAI is the only best way forward.

He shared his Vision for the School and said that our endeavour had been to build a global brand, which we have been able to successfully achieve over the years. He asked the SAIoneers to learn and adapt the 21st century skills to equip themselves for a better future. He also spoke about Artificial Intelligence and its significant impact in the world of education for future. Dr. Sahoo shared with great happiness that going forward the Cambridge early childhood learning programme has been rolled out at par with global standards for classes from Nursery to Class III. For higher classes, parents have the option to choose IGCSE or CBSE, as the medium of learning for their children.

The students must assimilate the knowledge in a proper manner and internalize the learnings so as to strengthen their own inner self. Dr. Sahoo encouraged them to pursue their mission and objectives of life and not get deterred by the various diversions and challenges. Hence, they will be very well prepared for life too, to handle any kind of unforeseen circumstances in case it arises.

He spoke on the importance of imbibing Indian values children must be encouraged to learn about tradition and culture. He said students must learn to seek blessings from parents, take active participation too in taking care of emotional handling towards family members. Instead of arguments, even small conflict can be resolved with a timely sorry, and a small thank you.  He shared that when our students interact positively with their good conduct and behavior, the external world will identify the highly cultured, knowledgeable and class apart upbringing of SAIoneers.

He stressed on that now parents must adapt to new age parenting as per the new normal. As children will not be just coming to school with books and get broadcasted knowledge. Instead experiential learning will not just enrich the minds yet children will learn faster and better with the use of AI, almost getting a vivid clarity while complex concepts are being taught to them in the most simplified manner.

Technology aided , blending learning approach is the normal, children will be dependent on using electronic gadgets. As parents too we need to be involved and encourage that children use the electronic gadgets for knowledge enrichment and research and avoid distraction over the internet. Emotional connect with children is most required at this point of time.

He is delighted to share that SAIoneers have been excelling in various fields and carving out their own paths for success. He feels quite proud to see my SAIoneers furthering their study in Ivy League Schools, New York University, MIT, British Columbia, Florida Tech University, globally acclaimed top Institutions as well as top Universities of the Country. Today our School is better positioned than ever to deliver remarkable education to capacitate students with transformational competencies to align with the fast changing world.

At the end, I must congratulate, all the students of the School, who have endured the hardships, to put in their best efforts amidst a global health crisis and have, and in particular those, who managed to perform outstandingly, and are being lauded in the State and in the country today.

On the happy occasion of the 13th Foundation Day celebration of SAI International School , I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude and acknowledge the hardwork and dedication put in by one and all and hope that we continue to strive together to take the School to greater heights. I wish for the well being and good health of everybody.

Photos from the Event