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by SAI Admin

26 June, 2002

In response to the current pandemic situation the eSummer camp was a blessing in disguise for the children of SAI International. They were blessed with a complete learning range both Scholastic and co-Scholastic. Let’s have a sneak peak of what the children of Classes IX and X did through the 14 days.

Day 1

The day one of eSummer Camp received a hearty welcome by the students.  The Sculpture Making Session of Class IX consisted of making body parts of an elephant by sculpting it out from clay. They also had a Science Magic session by our guest faculty Shri Aurorashmi Mohanty, an eminent expert in science. He demonstrated how to make a simple DC Motor using battery, copper wire and a simple bar magnet. There after he also demonstrated the process of making an electromagnetic crane using a nail, copper wire and battery, card board and paper. The entire session was highly educative, interesting and interactive. On the other hand Class X students joined the session to learn the basics of Spanish language; they learnt the colors, salutations and some commonly used words. In the music session they learnt Bhajans from the resource person, and later to make the class livelier they even sang some Punjabi Bollywood songs taught by the trainer.

Day 2

An activity on Puppet Show was held for the children of Class IX and also a basic in Drumming was conducted. They were even briefed about gripping the drum sticks, tuning the drums, types of drums, and even played the popular songs on the drums such as Maa tujhe salaam, Hum honge kamyab, Sha la la. Class X students learnt the art of Sculpture making and the types of art, they sculpted two birds on a tree by using clay. They were even briefed about adding texture, and detailing to a clay model and how to give finishing touches to it. There was also an interactive session where doubts were addressed by the trainer.

Day 3

Class IX children were taught to play tunes using keyboard on the third day of the summer camp. They learnt the chords of Maroon 5 and Canon tune in keyboard.  Tunes of Maroon 5 and Shape of you were played together in a single chord. The session concluded with a keyboard performance by Ronak of IX G, which made the session an interactive one.

In the sports and fitness session of Class X  students were briefed upon the importance of fitness, Importance of sports in day to day life, basic skills on Basket ball , Football, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Cricket techniques by the legend Sachin Tendulkar. In the Music session they learnt about the 5 various parts of drum, different types of drum, basic elements to beat the drum, basic rock drum beats, to play digital drum. Clay Modeling was also a session for them where they learnt turning still painting into real with the help of clay and the importance of base while making a clay model.

Day 4

The eSummer Camp brought about a whole new world of experiences for the students of SAI International; Class IX students were engrossed in synchronizing the Aerobics steps with the song Mile Sur from Street Dancer and Ye lelo. There was also a Communication Skill session for them where they heard wonderful stories and interacted about ‘Accepting ones flaws’. Sristhi Mohanty of IX concluded the session by reciting her beautiful poem.

In the Keyboard practice session of class X they were taught how to create a tone. And played the chords of sa re ga ma in keyboard and violin also. The trainer played a Bollywood song for the children. In the Clay modeling the students learnt how make a Swan model through clay. Some students made their models through flour dough.

Day 5

Colors bring happiness in life Class IX students attended the eSummer Camp on Pot Painting and learnt about the importance of colors in life. Students participated enthusiastically in this interaction session. The resources person advised on how to hold a brush and how effects can be made on a surface with different strokes of a brush. She even showed how we can make creative utilization of our broken crockery. Finally they answered all the queries that children had & advised them to use their creativity whenever and wherever they can. A Guitar session was conducted for them where they learnt striking chords, movement of fingers, importance of practice (Sadhna), importance of rhythm played some popular songs.  Students even played some popular songs

A Communication Skills workshop was held for the students of Class X where the resource person spoke about introspection and communicating with self. She began with a story of a broken pot which related with once flaws. How to identify ones flaws and accept them, many other stories were also narrated to the students reflecting different situations. Aerobics session was also held for the students for class X. The teacher explained each and every move nicely and neatly through practical demonstration to keep them fit.

Day 6

Class IX students had a session on Video Editing by Shri Ashwini Kumar Satpathy, where the resource person spoke about graphic designing and video editing while the class on Best out of Waste Activity made a Dream Catcher with simple things like tissue paper, threads and bangles.

In the Dance session by Ms Revati Khattar briefed about the various dance forms. She spoke about the importance of dance in our life to the students of Class X. Followed by a warm-up session for the first 15 minutes where students were encouraged to take part. She advised how to use a prop while dancing like a chair or so. The trainer also spoke about gesture moments, posture moments, and facial expressions. Later in the session she performed on same famous Hollywood lyrics. In the Master Chef Session, SAIoneer Divyashish shared the recipe of Vegetable Biriyani using paneer, jackfruit, soya chunks, and potatoes. He explained each and every step of the dish very nicely and the origin of the dish too.  The second recipe was complimentary for the Biriyani…. the infamous “Raita”’, while the 3rd dish was a very famous Hyderabadi dessert- The Shahi Tukda. The recipes were explained wonderfully with demonstration.

Day 7

An interactive Life Skill session was held by the Life Skill trainer Ms Anuppma on the topic ‘Finding your passion’ for class IX students. The trainer spoke about the importance of passion in one’s life emphasizing on talking to oneself and deciding the passion and also on the importance of values. She said passion is directly linked to happiness. She showed some interactive videos also. Finally there was a question answer session.

Dance session by Ms Revati Khattar, began with leading a particular dance with different body parts like elbows, hips and legs, followed by how to use the entire body while dancing on a particular number. She also taught that movements should be sharp and crisp. Students were briefed about how to do Passe jumps, and Chasse (French words), that are a part of contemporary dance form. Finally she showed some steps on the song- “Fix You” by Cold Play

In the Health Hygiene and Skin Session by Ms Lopamudra Pradhan for Class X was held to identify skin and hair type, benefits of using a particular shampoo, checking vitamin D3 level in our body on a regular basis. Importance of oil message on hair roots was also discussed.

While in the 2nd session for Class X the value of money, expenditure and saving was discussed. The trainer also discussed about utilizing the pocket money judiciously. The difference between necessity and luxury was also discussed.  She also briefed about the importance of banks and opening a savings account and how to multiply money by using various means. It was an interactive session where students asked questions on the related topic.

Day 8

In the Language session of Class IX students learnt the basics of Spanish language by Ms Kalyani Mohapatra where they learnt twenty nine Spanish alphabets, numbers, different colours, greetings in Spanish, gender with objects, months of the year and a story of Roja and story of Pajaro bird.

In the Money Wise session students learnt about the value of money, spending and saving money properly, opening a bank account and what is the difference between necessity and luxury in a student’s life.

Class X a session on Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships was taken by the Life Skills trainer Ms Anuppma where she interacted with the students and explained about balanced/healthy relationships and unbalanced/unhealthy relationships through different case studies. She spoke about the boundaries of different relationships. How healthy and unhealthy relationships can be determined by using boundaries. How acceptance plays an important role in healthy and unhealthy relationship s. towards the end she gave an idea about how to tackle with unhealthy relationship. In the Dance Session by Ms Revati Khattar she had a warm up session followed by the Contemporary movements and the three techniques of Rond de Jambe, Passy Jump and Chasing was shown to the students.

Day 9

On day 9 students had a session on Table Etiquette where they were briefed on the actual meaning of table manners, basic -Do’s and Don’ts of table manners, basic table manners in office, party and meeting. Table manners in India and western countries were also discussed. In the Photography session for Class IX by Shri Milan Machhar where he explained about the basics of photography such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The trainer also presented few of his own master pieces. He discussed about cinematography and difference between photography and cinematography. He concluded the session with two small videos.

In the video editing Session for Class X by Shri Ashwini Kumar laid down the importance of thinking before we begin, importance of sound, the designing process, making short films, there was an active discussion about movies and animation too

In the Best out of Waste session students made a wall hanging using metal string, thread, tissue paper sand coloured paper. They used waste materials in painting as well. The resource person gave some information about using colour combinations in art. The session was interesting and the students enjoyed it.

Day 10

Ms Revati Khattara Dance trainer conducted a session for the students of Class IX where she spoke about the importance of dance in our life. There was a warm up session for the first 15 minutes where students were encouraged to take part. The trainer advised the students to how to use a prop while dancing like a chair or something. She spoke about two focus fixed and peripheral focus. She even spoke about gesture moments, posture moments, and facial expression. She explained how to create a tone and dance with the same. In the session on Drama children learnt about the significance of drama as an activity. Students enacted different situations and roles.

In the Spanish Language Session for Class X Ms. Kalyani Mishra taught about greetings in Spanish, different professions, nationality, countries, farming small sentences and some commonly used adjectives and conversation, while in the musical session children learnt about Keyboard. The Resource person played the theme of 1920 movie and asked the students to identify it. He then played the song” Pehla nasha” from the movie Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. He interacted with the students and sang a few songs. He played a few more tunes and asked the children to identify them. He taught how to identify the chords and notes, he also taught to play the song “Abhi mujh mein kahin”.

Day 11

The concluding day ie the 14th Day of the e Summer camp was more of a celebration where students showcased various art, cooking and all that they learnt in the last 14 days. Parents and Grandparents had also joined the celebration with great happiness.

All through the eSummer Camp children as well as the parents were highly engaged in the various sessions designed for the student. They shared ppts, performed classical dance, recited poems, played violin and guitar to showcase what they had leant all through the days.

Photos from the Event