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by SAI Admin

29 October, 2018

Career planning is extremely crucial for a student as it lays the foundation for selecting the right career option. For students studying in Secondary School, the first step is to select the appropriate stream in Class XI as per the interest level of the student. The next step is to select the subject combination that would complement the career the child wants to pursue.

To guide the students of Class IX and X on selection of streams after Class X, a Career Workshop was organised by Univariety on Monday, October 29, 2018. It was conducted by Ms. Stuti Verma, Assistant Manager, Guidance, Univariety.

Students got an in-depth idea on various streams as well as on different subject combination in each stream.  They were also briefed on related career options. Ms. Verma guided the students on subject selection in case of students interested to pursue their studies in foreign land.

In the interactive workshop, students asked a variety of questions. The workshop helped them in creating awareness and pepped them up to introspect, explore the right career they want to pursue. While making a career planning, it is important for students to identify and understand their own area of expertise, assess their strength and weakness and weigh options before taking any decision, so as to gain a better control over their life and be successful.

Photos from the Event