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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) means teaching and learning different subjects using more than one manner. Documenting & observing the environment or phenomena; Applying science for practical purposes; Designing, building, using engines, machines, and structures; Expressing or applying human creative skill and imagination; Studying numbers, quantities, shapes and the relations between them helps children to find a co-relation between subjects and make them comprehend the projects and learning better.

Inter disciplinary learning – At SAI International School, special emphasis is laid on experience based learning and an inter disciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts and topics are merged and aligned with real world lessons. To compete with the new economy and newer technology, the students are encouraged to apply Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics to make connections between school, community, work, and the globe. In today’s economy it is essential to develop the core STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and encourage the children to be successful globally.

Benefit – To enable the students, we stimulate their brains by giving them inter-disciplinary projects for the subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Computer Science and Hindi. Children are brainstormed on the topics given and are left to innovate and exhibit their learning in a unique manner.

Our Objectives – We strive to further develop, among students, a strong knowledge base aligned with the latest changes in these disciplines, and strengthen their ability to integrate and apply knowledge and skills, to nurture their creativity and innovation, collaboration and problem solving skills, which are essential skills and competencies required in the 21st century. The learning activities of STEAM education also help students develop the essential qualities associated with an entrepreneurial spirit. Turning ideas into tangible/perceivable form is not merely about production and fabrication, but also involves self-learning, problem-solving, exploration, experimentation and critical thinking. It is also associated with taking calculated risks, and sometimes failing and again coming back with resilience to solve the problems. School facilitates hands on practice where the students are exposed to digital tools to create, make, design and implement the ideas. Through the hands-on activities, workshops, inspiring talks, inspiring works from other makers, they learn immensely.

Experiential Learning – Students are exposed to mega events like UNWIND and SAITED which are for the students and by the students. They handle the event through and through, right from the finances to planning marketing, digital designing, sales, liasoning and collaborating to make the event a mega success. In this process they learn the skills through experience and a collaborative approach.

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