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by SAI Admin

10 July, 2018

Creative Writing is any piece of writing where the thoughts, feelings and emotions are expressed in a creative way rather than simply convey some information. It is a narrative craft which enables students to unleash their thoughts, ideas and emotions through the medium of writing.

An inter-house Creative Writing competition was conducted for students of Class VI to VIII. Students were given the option to select the language for their write up from various languages taught in the School like English, Hindi, Odia, Sanskrit and French.

Different themes were given for different languages, the theme for English Creative Writing was “Where there’s unity, there’s victory! For Odia language it was ‘Bandhutwa’, for Fench,’ ‘Importance de la langue ètrangère’, in Hindi, the theme was, ‘Bharat kissi se kaam nahin’ and the theme for the creative writing competition in Sanskrit was ‘Asmakam Jeevane Sanskrutabhasa Abasyakata.’ Participation was compulsory and it was judged on the basis of presentation of ideas, neatness, creativity, grammar and time management.

Reading develops writing skills and writing helps to enhance cognitive growth, organizational abilities, and communication skills. It also builds their imagination, self-expression, self-confidence as they continually challenge themselves with creative thoughts. Children who practice creative writing also make great progress in subjects like language, mathematics and science.

Photos from the Event