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by SAI Admin

16 January, 2019

“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potentials.” John Maxwell

SAI TV is one of the most stimulating clubs that enables students to get an exposure on the basics of film making and television production. It focuses on enriching student’s knowledge on the 4 P’s of creating television programmes like Planning, Production, Programming and Publicity.

The member of SAI TV from Class VI to VIII gave a beautiful presentation of their Club during the Morning Assembly on Wednesday, January 16, 2018. The students showed a well-prepared short movie which included their activities at SAI TV like anchoring, editing, camera handling, news reading, script writing, panel discussion and movie making.

The members also brief

ed the students on what You Tube is and how to find the various videos of SAI International made by SAI TV, that are being uploaded on the site. They also performed a small act showing the importance of advertisement as a tool of publicity in today’s world.

The members of SAI TV conducts real life activities like interviewing eminent visitors, parents, alumni, student achievers etc. They also take bytes from people during mega events like UNWIND, SAITED, Confluence etc. Students learn how to take bytes, edit those, make background study and weave it into a movie. They also learn how to handle camera and the various shots that needs to be taken. This helps them to cover larger and smaller events of the school.

Photos from the Event