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by SAI Admin

16 August, 2018

Sitting on a tree branch,

early in the morning they let out a pick,

or a woodpecker who builds a home in the tree with a peck.

A cock lets out a shriek to wake us up,

While the other birds make a nest for their family at tree top.

Some birds go to find themselves some food in late afternoon,

And come back in the evening to sleep under the starling shade of the moon.

Birds are charming enough to show the world their beauty,

Until the humans know the birds get the toughest duty.

Their flight they take in great hope to find the something,

Or stay at the home until the bell rings.

It isn’t easy to make out a beautiful nest,

nor is it easy to work without rest;

but the birds can do this easily because they are better than the best.

They fight of fierce animals, to reach their goal;

They also can bear the cold around the pole.

Their journey begins as a little chick which learns to fly and they breed their little ones, until they die.

By: Anshi Avipsha