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by SAI Admin

27 June, 2018

Science is about discovering how this natural world works, its past, present and future. It helps us to refine and expand our knowledge of the Universe simultaneously inspire us to probe deeper for future investigation. Through observation and experimentation it generates knowledge that helps in developing new technologies, treat diseases and solve many other issues. As one way leads to another, each little technological invention give way to push our search further and there is still endless miles to travel.

Science is said to be a global human endeavor and people across the world need to participate in the process of science. For students it is not only a collection of isolated and static facts rather a process of discovery that helps them to connect these facts into a coherent and comprehensive understanding of the natural world.

The Science Activity Week is being conducted at SAI International School for students of Class VI, VII and VIII to create awareness among them on how simple science is, as well as develop an affinity towards learning Science. During this week, students are inspired to learn Science with the help of Triple H Technology – Head, Heart and Hand. Through demonstrations and experimentation, they learn how to apply theoretical knowledge to create interesting things.

Along with SAI Instructors and Teachers, External Resource persons are also invited to help students in their process of learning. Students are encouraged to explore, discover and invent things of their choice. It was inspiring to see the enthusiastic participation from students and their learning outcome. Students actively got engaged in learning concepts and understanding the application and use of various tools, glue gun etc. During the week the students tried out several experiments and modeled various things like Pin-hole camera, Simple telephone, Stethoscope, Kaleidoscope, Periscope, Telescope etc. To show their marvels to their family members, students are asked to take their creations home.

Science has no limits or rigidity which makes it all the more interesting to delve deeper and unravel some of the mysteries or find better ways for the benefit of the earth and its inhabitants.

Photos from the Event