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Cambridge Assessment Admissions Test

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SAI International School has been recognized as a Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing Centre which is a Global network of centres and a part of the University of Cambridge. The range of tests includes subject-specific tests, such as for medicine and healthcare courses and for maths, assessments of critical thinking and problem-solving skills, behavioural styles assessment. These assessments help candidates to have fair access to higher education in Cambridge, Oxford and the Imperial College of London. As a centre, SAI International School is eligible to register candidates and administer admissions tests for students from the school and also from all over the country. This centre will cater to several International admissions tests like BMAT,PAT,STEP,TSA,HAT etc. SAI International School is one of the 12 centres in India, where these International exams are administered. The Cambridge Assessment Admissions testing website supports students to prepare for their tests with the availability of a range of practice materials. This centre will support and help SAI students in appearing for admission tests for studying in the UK, in their own school.