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by SAI Admin

17 July, 2018

Loukik Nanda of Class X has paved a different path for himself from a very young age. Even before completing his secondary level of education, he has set his foot to join the league of Motivational Speakers.

The determined boy being inspired by his business family background, zeroed in on encouraging small time businessman with inspiring talks on Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). He believes MLM is the next big thing in the 21stcentury. He has been invited by reputed companies like Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC), Star Health Insurance etc to speak, mostly addressing Insurance Agents.

The dynamic boy who dared to dream differently and pursued his dreams with conviction aims to be one of the renowned Motivational Speakers of the Country addressing Corporate Leaders. To see his goal being materialised, Loukik has sought guidance from Chairman SAI International Group, Dr. Bijoy K Sahoo who advised him on pursuing his dreams whole-heartedly. He also took valuable suggestions from renowned speakers like Dr. Vivek Bindra and Shri Parikshit Jobanputra.

Loukik has carefully imbibed in him the traits of smart leadership and motivational skills and looks forward to pen down books to inspire small time business professionals. He has also a strong knowledge on the slokas of Bhagawat Gita and regularly reads books like Chanakya Neeti.

Congratulations Loukik. We wish you a great future.

Photos from the Event