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Hostel – Home away from Home

Life in a hostel means a whole panorama of experiences that span across making friends for life, and gaining the confidence to face life independently. Hence, we lay tremendous emphasis on creating a warm, welcoming, invigorating and home-like atmosphere in the hostels. ‘A home away from home’ where the children develop the confidence to be independent, be it through friendships, food, belongings, rooms, joys, sorrows, challenges or other uncountable experiences of growing-up together.
There are separate, comfortable and fully air-conditioned hostels for boys and girls, where the students follow a routine life with discipline. Rana Pratap and Chandra Gupta Maurya hostel for boys while for girls it’s Sushila Devi and Ramadevi.

Sushila Devi and Rama Devi Hostel – Girls – The hostel for girls, representing intelligence, courage, integrity and determination of the great freedom fighter, is a home away from home. All the rooms are air conditioned and well furnished to provide comfort to the residents. Security of the students is given high priority and hence there is a 24-hour tight security, provided by well-trained male and female security guards.
Yoga sessions keep the girls fit and active. Good food is served to the utmost satisfaction of the students. Discipline is the prime criteria for safety of the girls.

Care and compassion – Our hostel is different from all others because it caters to individual needs under the caring supervision of two wardens and a supervisor. Teachers support is provided to the students in the evenings for clarification of doubts.

The Recreation facility – The recreation facility for the students includes watching TV after the study hours are over. The girls come to the school every Sunday for music and swimming practice. It is a heaven for the girls who look forward to coming back to its cozy comforts after a day at school.

Firm Rules – The students have strict yet compassionate hostel wardens, who take care of the needs of the hostel students. They are empathetic listeners who gel with the students’ emotional needs. Students are restricted from retaining mobile phones; they can make phone calls to their parents every day from 5.30 to 6 pm. They are taken out once a fortnight.

Rana Pratap and Chandragupta Hostel – Boys – The name says it all. The hostel is a home to young, dynamic and confident boys of class XI and XII, who enjoy their stay in the air-conditioned rooms under the nurturing care of two wardens. Though discipline is the prime focus, freedom is not restricted. The boys, protected 24×7 by ever vigilant security guards, get to enjoy unlimited facilities provided by the school. Yoga sessions are held to keep them fit and healthy, which is complemented by ensuring quality food.

The Recreation Facility – The hostel has a recreation centre to play indoor games and watch television. The students have access to computers for completion of school assignments and to the library during evening hours. They have fun and enjoyment practicing music and swimming every day and twice a month, they get a wonderful chance to go for picnic or shopping.

Firm Rules – The students have a strict at the same time compassionate hostel wardens who take care of their needs. They are empathetic listeners who gel with the students’ emotional needs. Though the boys are allowed to keep all modern gadgets, they are permitted to use them only under the supervision of the wardens. The students can make phone calls to their parents every evening from 9.30 to 10pm.

Care and Compassion – Individual attention is extended to the students by the Sr.Principal. Evening classes are conducted every day after school hours. Our hostel is not just a place for students to reside, but also to enhance their talents in several ways, amidst friends.

Faculty Support – The hostel also has faculty support in the evening hours for clearing all the doubts. An extended library hour and reading room facility caters to the needs of the avid readers. A regular health check-up is done for the hostel students and in case of some medical attention parents are informed.

Mentoring and Counseling – The school has proper mentoring and counseling sessions for the students. This ensures that the emotional well-being of the hostellers is also well attended to. SAI International is a Home away from Home

Comfortable air conditioned roomsDisciplined daily routine
Special Sunday programFaculty support in evening hours
Extended library hours and reading room facilityMentoring
Health checkup & medical assistanceBalanced & nutritious diet
Dining cum TV roomHealth Check-up

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