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by SAI Admin

31 August, 2018

A workshop for Teachers was held on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 on Teaching Mathematics. It was conducted by Shri Sandeep Das, Resource person from NIIT who briefed the participants on how to make the subject interesting by using technology.

The participants learnt about exploring mathematics using GSP Geometric sketchpad, which is a dynamic software for creating, exploring and analysing a wide range of mathematical concepts. It can be used to construct interactive mathematical models ranging from basic investigations about shapes and numbers to advanced illustrations of complex numbers.

The trainer briefed the participants on how to help the students understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts, enable them to verify or discover geometrical properties and facts, build interest and confidence in learning as well as provide greater scope for individual participation.

The trainers demonstrated few sketches with the help of the software, which will help students on how to solve problems and prove different theorems and postulates by using diagrams and animations. They also learnt about making blue print and question papers using technology.

Photos from the Event