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by SAI Admin

02 April, 2016


Autism is a physical-mental disorder arising out of poor development of brain and nervous system in some children. It leads to retarded growth of children – both physical and mental. Children suffering from Autism called Autistic Children are characterized by poor communication skills i.e. inability to communicate with others in a normal manner. They also suffer from cognitive deficiency i.e. inability to learn properly as per their age profile. Autistic Children have poor attention spam i.e. they cannot focus their attention on a topic for long durations and hence have poor learning ability as compared to normal children. The cause of this disease is not entirely understood but is generally believed to be related to genetic disorders.

Children suffering from Autism have special needs. They need proper care and attention to be able to lead a normal life like other children of their age group. As we know, the environment of a school determines the extent to which children are able to learn in a group. It is the responsibility of the school, to recognize the different needs of Autistic Children and provide an environment in which such children do not feel left out. Activities can be planned in a manner which takes care of Autistic Children.

Special classes can also be held to teach communication skills to children. Modern teaching aids – using audio visual media can help Autistic Children to learn lessons at par with normal children. Teachers have to be sympathetic and also patient towards them. More than the teachers and teaching aids the other colleague children play a greater role. It is the responsibility of the other children to behave properly with autistic children and to not make fun of them.

We should not ignore or taunt such children or refuse to be friends with them. We should have empathy towards such children and try to help them communicate with others. We should know that with proper care and teaching only can such children lead a normal life as they grow up.

World Autism Day is observed on 2nd April every year in order to focus the attention of the people towards the special needs of the children suffering from autism, to remind us about the special needs of such children. On this day all of us, especially school children should take a pledge to help such children to overcome Autism with courage and determination.