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by SAI Admin

13 July, 2018

It is often found that students are gradually getting inclined towards uniformity as they grow. It is because they get few opportunities to express themselves. Unless they express their views, and opinions in a proper manner, they can never be able to achieve their unique potential.

Learning to showcase themselves will help the children to know who they really are, which helps to build their self-confidence, develop independent thinking, foster creativity and imagination as well as enable them to express their emotions like sadness, anger, happiness and excitement in a healthy way.

Creative writing competition aims to stimulate imaginative thinking both in teachers and students by exposing them to new materials and ideas. A creative writing competition was organised for the students of Class XI. Students were given ten different topics to choose from and express their thoughts and ideas in form of an article, story or poem.

Creativity defines our ability to be successful in whatever we undertake, and it is the only factor which differentiate us from robots. To help the children retain their ability and willingness to be creative, they need to be encouraged to let their imagination fly.

Photos from the Event