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by SAI Admin

02 December, 2017

Our universe hides many secrets that we are unraveling at a very slow pace. We still know absolutely nothing about many topics. I’ve been on this land and in this universe for 13 years, but I’ve been observing my surroundings for 10 years. I came to my senses for only 7 years long. But it was not until last year that I tried to think about things except for me.

But I asked myself this question this year. ‘Do you see everything as it is?’  Or I may ask “Are your eyes loyal to you?”

And I also want to ask “Does your eye tell you everything it sees , has it never tried to hide something?”

These questions may sound weird to you and you may think I’m stupid to ask these questions. But believe me; even after staying on this planet for so long; I still doubt my existence. Suddenly everything feels unusual. After all who knows, if this is reality or are we just in a simulation.

The universe is big. In fact it’s bigger even beyond our imagination. Funny how some people consider themselves superior and other inferior, when we haven’t actually yet seen ‘others’, from the universe. We don’t know if they are more developed or less.

I sometimes wonder; ‘Who are we?’ to be more precise ‘What are we?’  You make think I’m stupid and the answer is humans. But think again ‘What are we?’ ‘Are we just humans?’

Okay, let’s think we’re just humans. Then my curious mind asks ‘what’s our purpose?’ ‘Is it just the way it is?’ Walking, working, eating; everything just to be happy? Does our mere existence doesn’t affect the universe in any way.

I actually disagree with every question. I say our eyes aren’t trustworthy. We aren’t just humans and that we’ve a big role in this universe.

Your opinion may differ from mine because no one is alike, but everyone’s opinion counts.

You may ask me to ‘prove’ my opinion. I would tell you honestly that I can’t ‘now’. But I’ll once become a cosmologist, astrophysicist & quantum chemist. I’ll try to prove my opinion and give my best to find Theory of Everything. It’s difficult, but definitely not impossible.