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by SAI Admin

14 March, 2019

“Karate begins and ends with courtesy. This means respect others, refrain from violent behavior, practice fairness in the spirit of good sportsmanship.”  – Takahashi Miyagi

Learning any form of martial arts have immense benefit. For children who learn Karate are found to develop focus, balance, discipline, coordination as well as mental toughness. Karate also improves cardiovascular health, muscle mass, reflexes and simultaneously brings an improvement in all dimensions of life like physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. It also helps to improve confidence and respect.

Neeladri Rout of Class VI is one of the emerging karatekas who has made the school and the state proud with his achievement. The young student has participated in many national and international events and won accolades since the last three years. He was one of the youngest participants to represent the country at Sri Lanka in the 14th International Karate Championship and won the first position both in Kata and Kumite.

His recent achievements include bagging the first and second position in Japan Karate Shotokai, India in Kumite and Kata category respectively. He also won the top position in competitions like 18th FSKA World Cup Shotokan Karate Championship, Mumbai, 21st Asian and International WFSKO Cup Karate Championship, 26th National World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Championship, 28th National World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Championship etc.

Congratulations Neeladri…we wish you success for all your future championship. May you soar greater heights of success.

Photos from the Event