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by SAI Admin

19 April, 2021

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” -Saint Augustine

SAI International School had the first Career talk of the year on, April 15, 2021 with David Moyer, Public affairs US Consulate Hyderabad and Monica Setia, Regional Officer, USIEF United States Education Foundation & Visa officer, US Consulate. We invited a few Round square schools, parents, students and counsellors.

They told us about why students would prefer to study in the US. Both gave valuable insights on 4700 institutions and a plethora of majors a student can choose to study abroad, about scholarships, internships, professional training opportunities, different institutions and degrees available .

On completing the  12th Grade, one can join a programme directly if you meet the prescribed entry requirements. Usually, an IELTS score ranging from 5.5 to 6.0 is the basic English proficiency score required for admission. The session provided information on a wide range of services like personalized counseling, selection of best universities, visa counseling, documentation assessment, pre-departure plans and a lot more. Another point was what will the academic session be like, with current ongoing pandemic situation.

Class IX, X and XII students  of SIS and SIRS attended this virtual session, finding useful and interesting check points on university application, with a  Visa officer giving real facts, speaking on highest safety and security standards, types of students Visa applications, interview tips and security administrative processing and entering safely to US universities.

 The discussions centered around applicants prerequisite requirements, details on applicants with unfulfilled conditional requirements. International applicants who would be taking courses from their home. Minimizing grading inconsistency between schools with upgrading courses to increase the understanding and validation of marks. How students would need to change their major program of study to bridge from college to university

The USA follows a four-year undergraduate study structure in most universities. Boston, Chicago and New York are some of the popular destinations for higher studies.

Some of the universities that students explored the most included University of Delaware, Florida International University ,Michigan State University and Northeastern University.

Photos from the Event