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by SAI Admin

29 January, 2019

Once upon a time there was a colony where the Hindus and Muslims  lived together. There was a Hindu Ram and Muslim Abdul. They both used to fight a lot. Once Ram  put a Hindu flag on his roof. Abdul could not bear that and he put a Muslim flag which was higher than Ram’s flag. When Ram saw this  he got angry then he made his flag even more higher than Abdul’s . When Abdul saw this he made his flag higher. They both would fight a lot and say bad things to each other. It was the independence day of India and the colony people were surprised to see the flag of the nation. India rising high in the sky and they both were standing together saluting the flag and singing the national Anthem.  Then they both hugged each other from that time onwards there is no dispute between them.

Every human being on earth is our brother and sister so let’s have peace.Inner peace is an important as outer peace. Sometimes good words can give more peace than words.

By: Riddhima  Singh