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by SAI Admin

11 March, 2019

“When parents or guardians and teachers work together well, everyone wins.” – Julia Thompson

Parents Orientation Programme is a perfect platform for parents to understand about the child’s scheduled scholastic and co-scholastic activities for the next academic year. They get introduced to the subject teachers and the various parents of students studying in the same class, which helps in developing a bond.

Parents of students going to Class X attended an orientation programme on March 6, 2019. Principal Shri Harish Sanduja spoke about stress in adolescents and shared the various factors that would help a parent identify whether a child is stressed or not. He gave some valuable tips on how to handle it.

Shri Sanduja shared about various achievements of students like excelling in Joint Entrance Examination, bagging seats in foreign Universities etc. He spoke about goal setting and task management.

He outlined the process of registration for Class X Board Examination, briefed the parents on the career counselling facilities, how to use SAMS, the assessment process of a child, the changed examination rules on Mathematics, communication structure of school, phone rules, bus rules etc.

Shri Sanduja requested the parents to encourage creativity and self-study in children and help them develop an attitude to learning to learn, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, purposeful engagement and individual responsibility.

Photos from the Event