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by SAI Admin

02 March, 2021

School crisis response training and exercises have been operations-based with a variety of specific emergency drills, and functional exercise drills. Each of this can be useful in preparing school staff, crisis management team members, students and other agencies for a wide variety of crises.It is essential that all schools should be prepared to respond to emergency situations as part of their school safety and crisis planning, preparation and management.

At SAI International School we had a Fire Drill on February 27, 2021, with around 154 participants including, Teachers of Primary, Secondary, Sr. Secondary, cafeteria, House Keeping & Security. Mr. Ajay Kumar Barad, of Fire Station officer, Chandrasekharpur was present to overlook the proceedings. Fire Drill was conducted under the supervision of  Security, Mr. Barad, and Laxmidhar Pradhan (Fire Consultants)During the drill  CO2, DCP (Dry chemical Power) was used as Fire Extinguishers to extinguish fire type of A Class & C Class (Gas). The entire drill took place at Indraprasta & Play ground area of the school.