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Cambridge Fest 2023

by SAI Admin

09 September, 2023

In a bid to emphasize the unique aspects of Cambridge education, such as its focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication, research skills, and a global perspective, SAI International School successfully hosted the 2nd edition Cambridge Fest on September 9, 2023. The fest acted as a wonderful platform for SAIoneers from the Cambridge block to display their skills in areas such as academics, arts, music, theatre, and more. It featured cultural performances, remarkable plays, art exhibits, innovative presentations from the field of science, and interactive sessions where students, teachers, parents, proactively participated in enriching experiences. The Cambridge Fest of SAI International, held annually, highlights the school's commitment to providing a high-quality international education that prepares students for future success in a rapidly changing world.

The event commenced with a splendid display of cultural performances at the Sushiladevi Auditorium. The audience was captivated by the opening song performed by music students from classes VIII to XI, setting the tone for an unforgettable day. One of the highlights of the fest was the "Showcasing of Best Practices", where a video presentation revealed the school's innovative and effective teaching methods, emphasizing the significance of Cambridge education in nurturing young minds.

The fest being a part of the ongoing Founder’s Memorial Series this year, paid a heartfelt tribute to Founder-Chairman, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo with an enchanting dance performance by class IV and V students. Another presentation showcased their impeccable talent in a mesmerizing role play, while class VII left the audience spellbound with their captivating rendition of "The Necklace." The wit and humor in class VIII's performance of "The Importance of Being Earnest" added a touch of literary brilliance to the event.

Dance enthusiasts were in for a treat as classes IX to XI took the stage with their remarkable dance performances, leaving everyone in awe of their grace and agility. "Chandrayan - Students' Kaleidoscopic View" provided a glimpse into the brilliant minds of the students, showcasing their creativity and innovation. The ‘mini-France’ designed in the Cambridge block, featuring everything about the country, was a true highlight for the visiting parents.

Following the captivating cultural performances, parents had the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing break at the school's cafeteria. The fest continued with a Class Exhibition, where students from classes IV to XI displayed their exceptional talents and projects on various subjects and topics. The 1st floor hosted the class exhibition for classes IV to VII, while the 2nd floor featured displays from classes VIII to XI. The Combination Room on the 1st floor transformed into an Art & Design studio, showcasing the artistic prowess of the students. The ground floor featured another Combination Room, dedicated to DIY creations and a Photo Booth, offering a fun and interactive experience for all attendees. The corridor boards were adorned with a Wall Magazine displaying creative writing from the students, further highlighting their literary skills.

The Cambridge Fest at SAI International School was a resounding success, underscoring the school's dedication to fostering holistic development and providing a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills. The fest was a testament to the school's commitment to delivering exceptional education through the Cambridge curriculum and its unwavering focus on nurturing well-rounded individuals.

"Attending the Cambridge Fest was a proud moment for us as parents. Seeing our child perform on stage and exhibit their talents was truly heartwarming. The school’s commitment to nurturing holistic development shines through at events like these. Our child's growth and confidence are a testament to the outstanding education they receive here." – said, Mr. and Mrs. Seal, on attending the fest.

"The Cambridge Fest was a revelation for us as parents. It's incredible to witness the depth of knowledge and creativity our child has acquired through the Cambridge curriculum. I loved how the students created a mini-France within the IGCSE Block. SAI International School has truly created an environment that fosters not just academic excellence, but also a passion for learning. We couldn't be happier with our child's journey here." –  expressed, Mrs. Meetu Mohanty.

"This Fest was a delightful experience for our family. Our child's participation in various activities, from academics to the arts, left us in awe of their versatility. SAI International School has succeeded in creating a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere that encourages our child to explore their full potential. The plays took us by surprise and I really loved the Chandrayan presentation.” – said, Mr. K.D.N. Sahoo