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SAI Happiness Camp 2023: Fostering Happiness Quotient (HQ) in Education

by SAI Admin

11 February, 2023

To foster a joyful learning environment & to enhance the happiness quotient (HQ) amidst young learners, the much-awaited SAI Happiness Camp entailing a diverse gamut of intriguing activities, was conducted at SAI International School from February 8-11, 2023 for the students of Nursery, KG I and KG II. SAI Happiness Camp, an initiative of SAI International Education Group, focuses on building & fortifying attributes which help the students emerge with various life skills through fun filled activities. Including happiness in their syllabus serves the larger purpose of education - to prepare children who, as grown-ups, will build an egalitarian society.

Giving Wings to Little Happy Souls

Adventure Activities: The wide array of adventure & water sports ranging from kayaking, zorbing, flying fox & army obstacles at the SAI Happiness Camp, gave an opportunity to the young learners to step out of their comfort zones, inculcating in them, the key skills of leadership, resilience, perseverance, building up their inner strength & fostering collaboration among peers.

Art Integrated Learning: Under 'Color My World', the tiny tots proactively participated in artsy sessions of hand printing, tile painting & channelized their creativity by designing puppet socks, fuelling their critical thinking, problem solving skills & kinaesthetic skills.

Storytelling: One of the prominent highlights of the camp was the story telling session, where the little ones absorbed their absolute favourite fables with a warm glass of milk, learning essential life lessons through characters in stories. The animated expressions, lively voice & dramatic gestures used during this session kept the blissful souls riveted.

Nurturing the roots: The camp cultivated love & respect for nature among the kids through gardening as one of the core activities.

Power Naps: After indulging in a diverse set of joyous & adventurous sessions at the Happiness Camp, the young campers even resorted to their afternoon power nap, another significant element of the camp, as a much-needed downtime to relax & feel rejuvenated for the next set of intriguing activities awaiting them.

Education with a Difference

Founder-Chairman, SAI International, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo always envisioned his educational endeavours in a way, that was synonymous to putting a radiant smile on his student’s face. In his pursuit of building a happy nation, his work, got recognised by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), whopublished a case study on the life of the Founder-Chairman and the journey of SAI International, namely, “SAI International School: In Pursuit of Academic Happiness”, a revolutionary case study that speaks volumes about the affiliation between education & happiness. The thesis talks about happiness being one of the prominent goals of education.

Child & Parent Connect

The child-parent centric activities at the SAI Happiness Camp acted as a catalyst in promoting a happy & healthy family bonding. The little campers' joy knew no bounds, to see their parents join them for more adventures by the evening. Bonding over the bonfire added to the perfect camping experience. 

“Children indeed grow up to be happier individuals when their development is holistic in the formative years. As

grown-ups, they can contribute to building a happier society, a happier world, where abundance stems from goodwill

and the will to do good.”, said Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International.