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SAI Asirvada: Blessing SAIoneers as they move Onward & Upward

by SAI Admin

02 February, 2023

‘SAI Asirvada’ ceremony was conducted amidst loads of fun & gaiety on Thursday, February 2, 2023, to bless the graduating students of Class XII for a successful future, as they move onward & upward in their respective lives. The day-long celebration was marked with power packed dance performances & euphonic musicals. Students elegantly dressed in their formal best. The Class XI students left no stones unturned to ensure that their seniors get a memorable farewell. The graduating SAIoneers were presented with Uttariyas' as blessings from Shri SAI, by the Chairperson, SAI International, Dr. Silpi Sahoo.

SAIoneers Sujay Vishal Dev & Irijaya Dash from the Class of 2023, were titled ‘Mr. SAI’ & ‘Ms. SAI’ respectively.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, while addressing the graduating batch, emphasized on the importance of the prowess, core values & life lessons learnt in one’s alma mater & reminded the SAIoneers of how their dearest Chairman Sir, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo always said ‘never let your values adrift, without it you lose your own identity’. Senior Principal & Director Academics, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi, inspired the students to put forth their best efforts in the coming examination & also in all the future endeavours they undertake in their journey of life.

The blessing ceremony was truly inspirational & touched a chord for almost everyone present in the ceremony, where the juniors honoured the accomplishments of graduating seniors, thanking them for their unremitting guidance & wishing them well on the new exciting paths that they’re starting on. Every SAIoneer walked away from the ceremony feeling proud & acknowledged for their hard work, dedication & unabating contributions to excel at a diverse set of fields, feeling encouraged to stay driven for their next adventure that life has in store for him.