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by SAI Admin

11 July, 2017

The Fresher’s Day celebrations or SAI Abhinandan for Class XI students was held on Saturday, July 8, 2017 in the Indraprastha Auditorium. Fresher’s Day is an occasion each student looks forward to. It is the time to break the ice between seniors and freshers, to bond and mingle with one another. A day, which remain etched in the memory forever.

Welcoming the freshers to the SAI family, Chairman Dr. Sahoo explained the role and responsibilities of being a SAIoneer. He said that the students need to imbibe the spirit of SAIoneer by being humble, inculcate good character and imbibe the determination to succeed. He added that the next two years are the most crucial phase in the life of a student, unless one is focused and measure the steps, there is high probability of being getting distracted. Principal Shri Harish Sanduja presented a video on the expectations of being a SAIoneer.

The Class XII students left no stone unturned to ensure a prismatic welcome to Class XI. Freshers in colorful attires, smiling faces and resounding laughter were enthralled by the hospitality. The day commenced with the customary “tilak”, where the seniors welcomed the newcomers to the event. It followed with the head boy and girl giving out a moving speech welcoming the freshers.

As no fresher party is complete without dance and music, the seniors enthralled the juniors with music and dance. Superb band performances, skillful fillers and outstanding dance shows by boys and girls filled the crowd with euphoria.

It was attended by Dr. Bijoy K. Sahoo, Chairman, Ms. Silpi Sahoo, Trustee, Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal, Shri Nilakantha Panigrahi and Shri Kalingarudra Panda, Vice Principal, teachers and staffs.