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by SAI Admin

21 December, 2017

Founder Chair person of SPIC Macy (Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture amongst Youth) Padmashri Prof Dr Kiran Seth visited SAI Aangan the primary wing of SAI International School to present his innovative module AARAMBH’ – A PLAY School’ (exclusively for children in the age group of 2-7 years).

His vision as the founder of Spic Macay is to reach every child in the country and have them experience the values embodied in our Indian and World Heritage by “2020”. With the aim of achieving this goal, Dr Seth has conceptualized this module the pilot program which had been initiated five years ago at a playschool called “Aarambh” in New Delhi.

Dr Kiran Seth spoke to the teachers of SAI Aangan on how this experiential learning can benefit the early childhood learners. He said that musical exposure in learning methods can have a remarkable impact on children developing good listening skills, speaking ability,utilizing their enthusiastic energy towards a positive approach among children in the school.

He added that ‘to this phenomenal module, we have now integrated the essence of Indian classical dance and yoga, which is a work in progress now. Music, dance, theatre and fine arts are innate and indispensable part of a tradition and heritage. When this profound essence of Indian art is imbibed and suffused gently, a rasika immerges with the profundity of our twelve thousand-year-old heritage. It transforms them from within forever. It shapes them as a finer human being’.

He emphasized that this scientifically thought integrated module (vocals, yoga and dance) addresses the multilayered – cognitive development of the formative brains when the processing power of the brains are at its best. Hence, being exposed and imbibed in the classical maze of this module from this age group not only influences the non-cognitive but also sharpens the intellect of a child, making them better equipped to grasp their curriculum (Maths, Science and Humanities) subsequently with an enhanced processed intellect.

Concentration of children gets enhanced when music and yoga becomes the medium of learning.

Dr Kiran Seth involved the students and teachers to show a demonstration of how the seven notes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni and Sa can be used to arouse the senses towards better concentration and physical involvement in the process of learning as well.He made the entire audience of 400 students and 50 teachers participate in the activities.

The Chairman of the School Dr Bijoy K Sahoo appreciated Dr Seth’s innovative research module and said it is definitely going to help our learners retain their memory and the teachers have also learnt the techniques which they can use with students from the play group to class II.

The Vice Chair person of SAI International School Dr Silpi Sahoo,the Principal Mr Harish Sanduja and the Vice Principal of the Primary wing Mrs Rashmi Pandey were also present during the presentation.