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Interact Club SAIoneers Visit Pratibha Orphanage

by SAI Admin

26 July, 2022

Interact is a club for youngsters who want to connect with others in their community or school. It helps to recognize & develop constructive leadership & personal integrity by encouraging & practising thoughtfulness & helpfulness to others. Class XI SAIoneers of the Interact Club went on a visit to Pratibha an Orphanage near Dumduma, Bhubaneswar on July 26, 2022. The orphanage comprised 35 inmates whose faces lit up with joy and mirth when they saw our SAIoneers visit them. The students and teachers of SAI International contributed study kits, encyclopaedias, biscuits, cup cakes & various board games such as ludo, chess and carrom.

The inmates sang a soulful song for our SAIoneers & grooved joyously while showcasing a high voltage dance performance. The students along with the inmates proactively participated in various engaging activities, had heart-to-heart conversations about each other’s hobbies & aspirations, and painted ingenious pieces of artwork together.

As a whole, this whole session was a ‘shower of warmth’ and filled the SAIoneers with compassion and they experienced a feeling of self-actualization by contributing towards making a small change in their communities. The prominent take away from this visit for the students was that in giving we always receive!!!!