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by SAI Admin

04 May, 2021

SAI International observed the Day of Service on May 3, 2021. Like each year the Going Global and Interact Clubs of SAI International observed Day of Service in various ways.

A major challenge this year was the pandemic COVID -19, it was almost difficult to conduct welfare services for the needy this year. But as it is said where there is a will there is a ways, SAIoneers got a brilliant idea to conduct the day of service virtually buy hosting a donation drive to help the needy of the city during the tough times. The students collected unused masks, hand sanitisers and sanitary napkins for the less fortunate and frontline workers. They conducted this donation drive called High on Hygiene for over three weeks through the social media and collected and requested the people to drop masks, bottles of sanitizer and sanitary napkins at the two drop boxes in the city following the COVID 19 guidelines of social distancing.  The drop boxes were outside the School gate, where the public could access it without entering the building.

The people could not physically make a donation therefore they donated funds which were used in purchasing a large amount of masks. In total over 1,000 unused cloth and medical masks were collected and 50 bottles of hand sanitiser along with 40 packets of sanitary pads. The drive ended on April 30, 2021 and then the school authorities distributed the donations to our local police department and to the vendors of several local vegetable markets. The remaining masks will be given to the BMC Safai Karamcharis , and some in the nearby slum area.