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by SAI Admin

02 June, 2020

The inspiring light of SAI International, Guruji Dr. C.B.Satpathy, Spiritual Thinker, Writer and Philanthropist, inaugurated the evening Expert Session of the e-Summer Camp on Monday, June 1, 2020. His profound thoughts and deep insights on education, parenting and relationship between teachers and students roused thousands of participants.

Guruji said that the present generation of children are highly knowledgeable; however knowledge without wisdom leads nowhere. The role of parents and teachers is to help them convert this knowledge into wisdom. He urged the parents to get more involved in their child’s learning process and encourage their children to develop their innate talent. He asked the teachers to become more tech savvy, get international exposure, be patient and keep the notes ready for easy transmission of knowledge.

Sharing his insight, Dr. Satpathy said that the ongoing pandemic has taught mankind that human beings have to respect nature or else their existence will be jeopardised and people all across the world have to come together forgetting their boundaries or differences to battle out the virus. He asked the parents to render their support in the strive to rebuild the new education system, which will have a greater impact on the learning horizon of the children.

The words of wisdom of Guruji made the session indeed enriching and will forever  be embedded in the hearts and minds of the students, parents and teachers.