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by SAI Admin

12 August, 2014

SAI International School takes pride in announcing the second edition of the Conclave- Commerce Conclave @2014 panning the topic India 2022- The way ahead! (Glorious 75th year of Independence) on August 25, 2014. . Luminaries from the field of Business and Commerce like CA P.R Ramesh, Chairman, Deloitte, Dr. P.C. Jain, Principal, SRCC, New Delhi will give an insight to the students on the avenues and dynamics of Commerce education. The purpose of the Conclave is to orient and train Commerce students to be the future masters and expose them to higher education and career opportunities in their chosen subject. The conclave also aims at giving the students a chance for paper presentation and to clarify their doubts in any field of Commerce and Business without any hesitation.