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by SAI Admin

22 June, 2018

There was this night, when I had a dream,

There was a party, over the biggest scoop of chocolate ice-cream,

There were people from far-far-away-stars,

And some of them even came from Jupiter and Mars,

I went looking for my Mom but couldn’t find her,

But on my way I found the Princess of Jupiter,

I bowed to her and asked how do you do,

She smiled and we went to see where my Mom went to,

On the way we had a bit of the chocolate ice cream,

Believe me, it tasted like the mint candy I once had in a dream,

There were trees showering candies on our way,

And we put handful of them in our pockets and walked away,

Finally I saw some fairies pass by and there was a big decorated chair,

Mommy was sitting on it and looked pretty as ever,

I shouted- “Mommy”, and this woke me up,

I saw Mommy was there and I was in her lap,

I love my Mommy and she loves me a lot,

I am her princess and she is my fairy queen!!!